Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune Villages Magnum


Drouhin have vineyards that entitle them to make nearly every one of the 101 Burgundy appellations, which few other family-run quality negociants can boast. Their quality in each is the focal point of every element of the production of wines and, using only organic and bio-dynamic practices since the 1970s, they reach their own exacting standards vintage after vintage. This blend of some of the best villages in the Cote de Beaune is a delicious wine that shows why the village wines can achieve such attention and have such a wealth of historical respect. The wine is supple but structured and complex yet approachable and is a very fine example of ‘what all the fuss is about’ without having to break the bank. A fine introduction but a choice for the connoisseur.

Country: France

Vintage: 2014

Pinot Noir

Alcohol Volume: 13%

Tasting Notes: Stunning Pinot from the villages of the Côte de Beaune, this is delicious, complex, and excellent as an entry to very fine Burgundy. Superb with food.

Style: Burgundy

Food Pairing: Red Meat / Turkey