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Cuevas de Arom Altas Parcelas Calatayud Garnacha


Cuevas de Arom is a new project led by friends Fernando Mora MW and Mario López, based in Calatayud. The project’s aim is to redefine the style of the region and produce an elegant and fresh expression of Garnacha. In their search for Spain’s finest and forgotten plantings of Garnacha, the project became a joint venture with Bodegas San Alejandro, a unique cooperative which champions the conservation of old vines, and the development of organic and sustainable viticulture. The cooperative still owns some of the oldest and highest vineyards in the region planted on precipitous slopes, offering Cuevas de Arom access to the best Garnacha fruit.

The region of Calatayud is located far inland, south of Zaragoza in Aragon. Here the climate is warm and continental with very low rainfall. Fernando was determined to unlock the potential of the region’s oldest Garnacha vineyards, which are located on high-altitude plateaus at 600 to 1,000 metres above sea level. This altitude, combined with the vineyards’ northerly aspect, moderates the region’s warm climate and provides a wide diurnal range for perfectly paced slow ripening to develop complex aromatics and preserve the grapes’ fresh acidity. Fernando has spent years uncovering old, dry farmed bush vines planted on friable Precambrian slate and quartzite. These rocky, free-draining soils, combined with the vines’ age, produce very low yields and naturally control vigour, imparting a signature depth and intensity in the wines. Balance is integral to Fernando’s wines with naturally high acidity tempering the wine’s vivid fruit profile. The parcels are farmed using sustainable and organic practices, with some certified organic.

Country: Spain

Vintage: 2020


Tasting Notes: Altas Parcelas’ translates as ‘high plots’, referring to the high-altitude Garnacha vines. The wine is a light, ruby red colour, and on the nose there are aromas of sour cherry, rose petal and fennel. The palate is fresh, with medium alcohol and a medium-bodied mouthfeel. Firm, yet velvety tannins with a good level of complexity and intensity

Style: Medium Bodied

Food Pairing: Red Meat

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