Teeling Brabazon Single Malt Batch 1


Brabazon is a single malt that comes from a range of barrels of different ages. The youngest being from 2008 and the oldest 2002. 95% of the malts have been matured entirely in ex-Sherry barrels with the remaining 5% being finished in either PX or Oloroso sherry casks. Batch No.1 is limited to 12,500 bottles and is bottled at 49.5%, other batches will follow and the next is rumoured to be a port cask release. Brabazon is named after Lord Brabazon the 3rd Earl of Meath who was responsible for the development of the Newmarket Square area where the Teeling brothers built their new distillery. The historic Liberties area would become the centre of distilling and brewing in Dublin from the 17th to early 20th century. That tradition has returned with the possibility of at least four distilleries operating in the Liberties in the near future.



Country: Ireland