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Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend


Launched in 2018, Lambay Whiskey is named after Lambay Island – located just off 3km off the coast of Skerries, Dublin. It is well known to be home to both wallabies and puffins aswell as a few human inhabitants! The whiskey is triple distilled, matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Camus cognac casks. This small batch release is the first from Lambay Whiskey. It contains a blend of triple distilled malt and grain whiskey matured in bourbon barrels before finishing in French-oak cognac casks. After maturation, the whiskey is crafted with water from Lambay Islands” very own volcanic Trinity Well, harmonising the spirit to 40% abv.

Alcohol Volume: 40%

Tasting Notes: Nose: Floral, citrus and lingering spiciness
Taste: Cracked almonds, pepper, malt, floral
Finish: Spiciness with lingering sweetness